Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – do you know there is a treasure hidden here?

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – do you know there is a treasure hidden here?

While escaping from stories of pandemics, glorious narratives from media, & scary chats, I sought out spending time alone reading novels during my quarantine period.

Like any treasure hunt books, the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes always keeps my curiosity uptight & on high alert, especially on the rapid conversations between Holmes & Watson (my dim-wit brain still trying to grasp, sometimes revisiting the lines). It is such a merry reading their stories!

But have you ever wondered what else Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson – the genius detectives of all time, taught us apart from giving us the exciting crime stories?

Well, along the way while crime-solving, without even us realizing it, they have given us valuable treasure – Life Lessons to adopt

Do you know why Sherlock is most successful in solving his cases? He solved most of the crime cases with such ease because he is a keen observer. Holmes pays attention to the truly little matter at the simplest, which we usually tend to ignore! Our Sherlock says, “Quiet so! You have not observed. And yet you have seen. That is my point”.

John Watson is their only friend of Sherlock. He always balances Holmes out by standing all of his oddities, understanding actions & thought processes well, and, at times, Watson is a foil for his skills as well – is it not better to have or be one such friend?

The Duo solved most of the crimes that no one could because of Holmes’s uncanny ability of deductive reasoning and his method of versatile approaches to solving any case. He would gather evidence, make plans, and drill down to get the truth. When one fails, he would never give up and take another method to pursue his passion. Our Sherlock says, “When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Sherlock stories have more hidden treasures. It is now your turn to deduce & find out while enjoying these stories.


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