Robotic Automation – a Critical need of the hour!


Robotic Automation – a Critical need of the hour!

COVID-19 crisis, with lockdowns being lifted and world opening, has developed a fear of adversely affecting the manufacturing and other industries

It is the time for Paradigm shift to convert this fear into opportunitiesLeadership in robotics implementation will be the key differentiator.

In a world that is ever-changing and enhancing, robots are hugely important in adjusting to new trends and meeting the competitive edge. Robotic Automation is most certainly going to be key concepts in the new post-pandemic world.

Robots and manufacturing are a natural collaboration, where automation offers manufacturers increasing opportunities to save on costs, improve production, and stay competitive. They are used to perform various tasks like welding, assembly, shipping, handling raw materials, packaging. Increasingly they are becoming more relevant for smaller manufacturing industries as well. More and more manufacturers are tapping into robotic automation for a larger number of applications.

Furthermore, Robotics has evolved into what is called future of the factories, “Cabot’s” with Human – Robots collaborations, making automation affordable. Even for small-batch production runs and mixed product assembly, Welding, Machine Tool Tending, material handling, Palletizing, De-Palletizing, gluing, marking, Visual Inspection, Cabot’s are revolutionizing the manufacturing environment.

As the manufacturing and robotic industries continue to team up, a swing of new job opportunities is being created. While Robots perform hazardous, tedious, routine tasks, also create more suitable jobs, such as engineering, software development, managing, and the equipment upkeep.

Providing importance to Green manufacturing, robots create cleaner workspaces and saves on utility services. Robotic automation achieves ROI quickly, within two years, that make up for their obvious cost.  Robotic Automation is indefinitely the need of the hour where Business Leadership will need to be quick in taking strategic decisions and its implementations to reap quick benefits

Implementation might seem out of budget or field of knowledge. Working with the right system integrator, who has experience working with a variety of small and big manufacturing facilities, can greatly help in the success of your business.

CNC India is a leader in the industrial automation providing various robotic and machining solutions to automate and integrate both simple and complex Automation Systems for most applications with autonomous Industrial Robots, Gantry Solutions or be it human friendly Collaborative Robots

If you are looking for automation in your production line, we can help you chose the right solution for your application and specifications. You can reach us at enquiry@localhost/cnc and know more about us at www.localhost/cnc

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