Welding applications


We combine our solutions with customized fixture for component location and clamping with indexing mechanism and interfacing with Robot of choice and Weld power source to provide you totally automated welding solution.

We have expertise in solutions for Arc (TIG/MIG) Welding and Spot Welding applications.

We are system integrators for FRONIUS to provide you latest trouble free welding solutions. Spot welding solutions are provided using high efficient and proven Spot Welding gun products such as OBARA and others ( Pneumatic as well as Servo Guns)

Arc Welding (MIG/MAG and TIG )


Our Solutions include Robotic MIG/MAG and TIG welding for various metals from thin to thick sheets. We also build SPMs customised to meet customer requirements for welding.

We have expertise and solution to weld variety of metals such as Aluminium, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium Alloys and other alloys.

Applications Areas :

  • Automotive parts
  • Aero Space Parts
  • Radiator parts
  • House Hold goods industry
  • General Engineering Industry


Spot Welding

spotWe have know-how to provide Robotic Spot welding solutions for various Industries.

Applications Areas :

  • Automotive parts (2W/3W/4W)
  • Aero Space components
  • Metro Transport Systems
  • General Engineering Industry


Plasma Welding

plasmaOur expertise is in integration of the highly precise welding using Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA). This solution has upto 20% savings over laser cladding. This is the most economical way to overlay components with a metallurgical bonded, high hardness corrosion resistant or high-wear metal matrix material. Base materials could be varied from Carbon steels to exotics like non-mag super austenitic and nickel alloys.

Applications Areas :

  • Non-Mag down hole tools( drill collars)
  • Down hole tools( mud motor bearings, stabilizers, drill bits etc)
  • Flow Control ( Valves, Rings, Stems)
  • Power Generation ( turbine blades, shafts, Bearing surfaces etc)


Spraying, coating, painting and sealant dispensing

We provide automation for the above applications both customized SPM based solution or with Robots to provide total cost effective customized solution.

spray spray1