Cnc machines retrofitting and reconditioning

CNC Machines Retrofitting and Reconditioning

Customers with CNC machines which are mechanically good but with outdated CNC Systems find it hard to compete with suppliers with modern high speed CNC machines. A CNC retrofit is the only economical solution for such customers. CNC retrofit comprises of replacement of the existing control with a new more flexible and powerful, latest generation control, replacement of feedback measurement devices, replacement of lubrication systems, Ball screws, drives etc. while maintaining the old machine’s structure.




In today’s competitive era, quality is a prime factor. Quality output from any machine depends on machine’s repeat performance. To get repeat performance machine maintenance is a key factor.

We at CNC INDIA with a team of Qualified and experienced engineers have introduced the concept of Annual Maintenance Contracts for CNC machines. The main principle behind this is to shift machine maintenance from reactive repairs towards better maintenance control by carrying out the proactive maintenance in a regular and systematic way before breakdowns occur.

Benefits of Annual maintenance contract of CNC machines include:

  • Better service at lower overall cost
  • Improved machine utilization by reducing machine downtime
  • Assured availability of Qualified and experienced Service engineers for attending breakdown
  • Assistance in sourcing of Spare parts and Consumables
  • Increased awareness about capability of each machine that helps in better planning

We are undertaking Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), vigour analysis for CNC turning, milling machines and HMCs as per the client’s need and convenience, with the complete Professionalism in services and documentation. Services related to any kind of mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronic breakdown of the CNC machines, considering minimum production loss of the customers is the vital strength.

The clients PSUs, Corporates and SMEs such as HAL, DRDO, ISRO,BEL, TVS and types of machine varies from critical to SPMs to general purpose machines.


Breakdown Service

CNC India, with their vast experience with many different machines and CNC controls offer their services for repair of all types of CNC machines. CNC India engineers can also advise whether a damaged part can be repaired or needs replacement.

Our service engineers can visit you on a chargeable basis to attend / resolve the problem. We do not charge for diagnosing the fault. We charge only when the problem is resolved fully and the machine is put back into operation.from critical to SPMs to general purpose machines.


Installation / Commissioning

Changing logistics, production patterns dictate machine movement and relocation. CNC India field service engineers with extensive experience with many different brands of CNC Machines and Controller equipments can assist in proper location, placement, leveling and alignment and recommissioning of machines.


Laser Calibration

The best to way to keep your customers happy is to deliver components with Quality that conforms to the requirements.

Precision machined component’s accuracy is mainly dependent on the Machine tool healthiness in terms of positioning accuracy and repeatability.

To find out the MT quality, its dynamical accuracies need to be checked by periodically conducting Laser calibration. By knowing the MT dynamic properties capability, one can decide which component is to be loaded on which machine. This is a very useful test which will help the Tool room, production, R & D center & CNC machine tools.

It is suggested to conduct the laser calibration once a year to understand & maintain the machine tool dynamic accuracies.

This will assure the production team on achieving CP & CPK of the machine.

CNC India offers Laser calibration services with state of the art Renishaw linear & rotary calibration equipment. With this, we can find out the linear axis loss of motion (backlash), positioning accuracy and repeatability. The linear movement intermittent errors can be compensated by introducing Pitch error compensations in the CNC controllers.

Detailed report will be provided on completion of the Calibration of the machine tool.

We offer the Ball bar test which can provide the interpolation accuracies of any two linear axes. This test report will provide data Backlash, Reversal spikes Lateral play Servo mismatch of each linear axis, roundness, squareness and interpolation accuracies that can be achieved with the two axes in perpendicular arrangement.