Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Manual Clamping Fixtures

CNC- INDIA started the fixturing division in the year 1998 after proving our expertise in machine building and tooling.

We started the fixturing division with the moto QUALITY FIRST AND CUSTOMER DELIGHT.

Over the years we have become pioneers in design manufacturing and commissioning of both Hydraulic, pneumatic & manual clamping fixtures.

With an ever rising demand for quality fixtures & service, we have established a dedicated division with in-house design, manufacturing & assembly facilities.


Fixtures for Two Wheelers, Four Wheelers, Tractors and Valve Industries

CHANGE becoming the order of the day in Fixtures for Two Wheelers, Four Wheelers, Tractors and Valve Industries, and ever reducing customer down time for delivery of generic provigil, we have established a full fledged manufacturing facility in-house, with a battery of CNC machines and conventional machines to manufacture fixtures in the least possible time.

We have catered to a wide range of customers in two wheeler, four wheeler, tractor & valve industries.

We are a major suppliers of fixtures in INDIA for two wheeler & tractor components and have catered to many OEMs and OEM suppliers.

We have in our range, all kind of fixtures – both plain type, cradle type & tomb stone type.


Innovative Fixture Designs

Our recent innovative designs for plain type fixtures with easy chip removal have received critical appreciation from major two wheeler manufacturers.

We combine our fixturing and tooling expertise to deliver total turn key solutions – which are highly beneficial to the customers – as we take over all responsibility of proving the cycle time of the components with phentermine online cost per component.

We have, to date, established total line manufacturing facilities in two wheeler & tractor OEMs – with complete fixturing , tooling and line prove out – for both engine & transmission components.