The Easy way to perfect a Robot Welding


The Easy way to perfect a Robot Welding.

Robot welding has become an obligation for Industries to replace the un-skilled welding process. Robots are excellent to perform various welding tasks, supporting companies to combat shortage of skills same time improve efficiency, productivity & quality of welding process.

A robot can perform flawless welding better than a human. Even the best a welder will not be able to contest them for efficiency, accuracy & consistency

Few of the benefits any company can get thro’ Robot Welding :

  1. Improve Productivity 

    Cycle time will be reduced as Robots are quicker in movement than human workers. They can perform constantly for any required time without break. Thus, they increase manufacture of parts per day, boosting up productivity

  2. Safety

    Manual welding is dangerous to humans as it involves hot slags, burns, intense sparks, loud noise, heavy voltage, and excess heat. Using a Robot for welding operation will provide safety to human workers

  3. New Job Opportunity

    While Robots performing routine tasks, human workers can be quickly trained to operate robotic welding cells & the maintenance, which will enhance their skills and provide better job opportunities

  4. Improve Efficiency

    Robots are consistent and can perform accurate welding process, which would avoid the revenue losses due to oversize, repeating & inconsistent welding done by human welders

  5. High Quality

    Once programmed, the robots will make same movements constantly every time with high accuracy. No human can match to the Robots accuracy & quality

Ever since 1961 Robots have been used in Welding, “Unimate” being the first industrial robot to perform spot welding of cars. But relatively Robot Welding is a new application added in robot tasks.

The process can be even better and easier when we choose the right method & hardware.


  • With a better clarity on type of Welding needed,
  • Choosing the right Hardware like Robot, Safety features, welding tool, Axes, Fixtures,
  • Deciding on the right steps for programming
  • Regular maintenance & calibration of the equipment’s adds efficiency to the process.

Choosing the right partner for your Robot Welding Automation Process would make it even easier to perfect any welding process.

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