Machine Vision – how is it changing the face of Manufacturing Industry?

Machine Vision – how is it changing the face of the Manufacturing Industry?

Machine vision is playing a crucial part in making Smart Factories. Machine Vision with Machine Learning has changed the entire face of the Manufacturing Industry. In any automated manufacturing line, a machine vision system with Smart Cameras now precisely guides them for self-correction, tracing to the right trail, & continuous improvement as a part of their QMS System.

Machine Vision is imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis, using Smart Cameras, Sensors, and related hardware & software algorithms to automate complex applications/process & make quick – Smart decisions.

Vision system applications mainly include product/component positioning, identification, flaw detection, pattern recognition, verification, sorting, measurement, track & trace, barcode reading, and component analysis along with signatures & other related attributes. The system enables an efficient & fast intervention in building Smart Factories.

Machine vision as an integral part or process in Industrial Robots/cobots has advanced rapidly, unlock new abilities & potential for any product manufacturing business to reap the ROI benefit. Highly regulated industries such as pharma, aerospace, medical & defense are now more and more relying on machine vision to detect anomalies in their products.

From its very first use in the 1950s, machine vision has changed tremendously from a simple reactive tool checking pass/fail to today’s most important feature in the Smart Manufacturing System. They offer incredibly flexible solutions that help complete tasks more quickly and efficiently than any human ever could.

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