Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the leading factor of I4.0 in Industry transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the leading factor of I4.0 in Industry transformation

With new technology revolutionizing the Manufacturing industry in all aspects, Artificial Intelligence has just increasingly transformed everyday life but is also providing new opportunities & avenues for business.

Correcting inefficient processes, cutting production costs, increasing efficiency, time-to-market are some of the challenges every Manufacturer is facing. Process optimization is one issue addressed using AI to address these challenges.

Artificial Intelligence includes a variety of solution benefits like predictive, prescriptive, Machines learning, Smart factory technologies to identify – the hidden causes of issues, seamlessly share the information, the best course of action for asset management, performance analysis, process improvement, identifying process patterns & quick decision making.

We have already witnessed AI benefitting the Manufacturing plants by establishing the work-relationship between humans and robots. The factory’s production processes include various machines, control units & other related systems & are now interconnected to communicate with one another using AI platforms to automate, collect and analyze, thus making it a smart factory.

Manufacturing operations will be growing, and so will the need to dealing with the implementation of efficient & intelligent automation solutions demands attention. The manufacturers will have to keep planning the smart resources & process optimization, to keep pace with Industry Transformation. The no of AI applications is also increasing with new technology partners emerging. So, will the cost of implementation & driving the program will also reduce.

It is indeed an exciting time to be working with AI and automating the manufacturing plant.
Are you ready?

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